Where to start in Africa

Angola  The Land of the Ngola Dynasty

Burkina Faso   The Land of Honest People

Cameroon   A Sense of Solidarity from Cameroon

Darfur (Sudan)   The Colours of Darfur

Democratic Republic of Congo (The)   With Love, From Australia to Congo

Egypt   Let’s Celebrate Africans in Australia!

Eritrea   Beyene, a Tigrinya Word for Justice

Gambia (The)   Where is Gambia?

Kenya     Kenya, Beyond Safari and Tribalism

Liberia   Liberia, Country of the Free

Mali     Peace for Mali

Mauritius   Three Portrayals of Mauritius

Nigeria   “Nigeria is blessed”, Peace told me.

Oromia (present Ethiopia)  “No Man is An Island” in Oromia

Rwanda    Revisiting Rwanda

São Tomé and Príncipe    Manifesto for São Tomé and Príncipe

Senegal   The Legendary Land of Teranga;  The Culture Keeper

Somalia   Strong for Somalia;   The Culinary Storyteller

South Sudan  The Newborn of Africa;    A Nuer Mentor For a New Generation;    The Revolution Collection;   Super Role Modeling

Zimbabwe   The Rise of Lionesses;   The Ripple Effects of Your Actions

African Music and Culture  The Melodious Timbre of AfricaThe Culture Keeper

African Australians  Bright Future for Afro-Australians;  The Revolution Collection;  Super Role Modeling

Special Guests   Far From Africa Invites Natasha Mashakada

One thought on “Where to start in Africa

  1. James Henshall says:

    A very impressive website, Marion. It’s very indicative of your commitment and interest in Africa.

    I’ll follow it with much interest.



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