If you would like to be published through Far From Africa by telling and sharing your story, please do so as we would love to hear from you.

FFA stories focus on:
Cultural and social topics
Positive stories (it doesn’t mean we deny the struggles and challenges or negative events affecting African Australians, we acknowledge them and recognise them as a way to make African Australians stronger and move forward).
– Future-oriented stories (looking at the bright side of life)
– Informative content (reveal what isn’t told to or heard by most of Australians)
–  Personal or group experience-based stories

– Encouraging reflection for debate (it’s not about being too polemical and finger-pointing but help people to open their eyes and minds to a situation that they mightn’t be thinking or realising that it is happening). 

If you’re interested  to share your thoughts and comments, feel free to contact me by filling out the following form:


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