About FFA Stories

The Far From Africa stories are based on interviews of Australian residents from an African background. I have been conducting interviews with Africans living in Australia, most of them based in Melbourne, so they can bring an interesting insight of their country drifting away from the media jumble and lack of information.

The objective is to make apparent an African diversity in Australia.

Each interview is to focus on one person, one story, one experience. I question them about their country, their journey to Australia, their life in Australia, their dream(s), their hope(s), their fear(s), etc.

I’m very grateful for being lucky enough to meet with them and for having heard their stories. They have shown a huge enthusiasm to share their stories, traditions, cultures, experiences, not only with me, but most importantly with the wider Australian community.

Australia is their new home. Some have arrived recently, some have lived here for many years. They all cherish Australia as a land of beauty and opportunities.

If you’re a culture-curious person or passionate about Africa, follow the FFA stories as one story will be published every two weeks on this blog. I hope it will satisfy and awake your curiosity about Africa.

Happy Reading!


Far From Africa in the media

Africa Media Australia click here

SBS French (in French language) click here

Le Petit Journal de Melbourne click here


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